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Sacred Lotus

  Blue Lotus Leaf and Flower | Blue Lotus Tincture | Blue Lotus Extract |

Nymphaea caerulea (Blue lotus, Sacred blue lily of the Nile)


The Blue Lotus is not to be confused with Blue Lily (Agapanthus Africanus). The Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile is found represented in ancient Egyptian art. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians may have used the flower for it's inebriating effects. The dried flower that we sell is a visually striking mix of multicolored petals with orange stamens and white and green pieces of the flower. When prepared as a tea the flowers produce a thick, gold/clear liquid that reminds one of melted amber. The liquid is ever-so-slightly sweet and upon being consumed creates a warm, euphoric glow. Blue Lotus is suspected to contain the natural alkaloids aporphine and nuciferine. The dried leaves can be smoked by themselves or blended with other herbs to add flavor and an euphoric effect to your favorite smoking mixture. There is some indication that the effects of Blue Lotus may be enhanced if soaked in wine (which is thought to be the original Egyptian method of use) or other alcohol.


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Blue lotus 15X Crystal Resin Extract


This pure Blue Lotus extract has a wonderful aroma and flavor and is the most effective way to achieve strong effects from using the smoking method.


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 My Blue Heaven - Blue Lotus 10:1 Tincture


Blue Lotus in Tincture form. Each 1/2 oz bottle contains the extract of 15 grams of dried Blue Lotus. Can be taken sublingually or added to a beverage.

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