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Lobelia Seeds

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Indian Tobacco (Lobelia inflata) Seeds


Lobelia contains several alkaloids, principally Lobeline. Native Americans had many medical uses for various Lobelia.  Studies have shown that Lobelia inflata, also known as "puke weed"  may contain the greatest concentration of alkaloids of all Lobelias, and is considered deadly poison in extreme quantities. Indians use the smoke to treat respiratory problems and it has been shown to be effective against asthma and is an ingredient in some cough medicines (Dobelis). It's purgative effects have been used to expel worms. The plant has sedative effects and is so similar in some respects to nicotine that it is an ingredient in commercial "stop smoking" preparations.

Warning: All Lobelias should be considered toxic. These seeds are meant to be cultivated for ornamental or educational purposes only.





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