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Datura stramonium Seeds

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Datura  stramonium Seeds


These are viable, organically grown, untreated seeds that will sprout. 1 gram of viable seeds per packet.

Datura stramonium, also commonly known as Jimson Weed, and belongs to the nightshade family, Solonaceae. The term "jimsonweed" is a corruption of "Jamestown weed", in reference to the fact that in 1676 cooks

mistakenly added this species to salads eaten by English

soldiers at Jamestown, Virginia.

Basically, all species of Datura have a similar chemical composition. Their active principles are mainly hyossyamine and scopolamine, which are tropane alkaloids. Scopolamine is often the major constituent. A number of minor, chemically related alkaloids may be present: atropine, norscopolamine, meteloidine. The differences among species are chiefly in the relative concentrations of these various alkaloids. Though highly toxic, most species have been used extensively in medicine from early times to the present.


These seeds are extremely poisonous and meant to be cultivated for ornamental or educational purposes only. Do not consume! Out Of Stock, check back.






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