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Magia verde information

Magia Verde Information

Magia Verde is a tincture of Salvia divinorum. It is a mixture of Salvia divinorum, grain alcohol and water. We do not dilute our Magia Verde with any additional water…the only water it contains is the small percentage of water contained in the 95-proof grain alcohol, which is used as a solvent to extract the active ingredient from the Salvia leaves.

Magia Verde was created for sublingual absorption. Many people consider this type of experience more beneficial than that of smoked Salvia divinorum because the effects are gentler and much longer lasting. The effects are closer to those of the traditional Mazatec Indian method of rolling the leaves into a quid and chewing them, but Magia Verde is much more convenient. Additionally, the effects from Magia Verde are more uniform and reliable than those of the quid–chewing method.

The initial effects are felt about five minutes after the first dosage is applied sublingually. Over the next five minutes, the strength of the effects increases gradually. Then a plateau is reached which lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. The effects will then diminish over the next hour or so. If a person uses repeated dosages, the duration and strength of the entire experience can be extended.

You may use Magia Verde right from the bottle, or it may be diluted with water. Before using Magia Verde, it is best to brush your tongue and gums and rinse with an alcohol based mouthwash (one that also contains menthol is preferable). This insures that the tincture is more readily absorbed. Use two to three droppers, according to preference, under the tongue for five minutes…repeat as desired (Please Note: THAT IS 2 TO 3 DROPPERS, NOT DROPS). Two to three droppers will produce a mild experience, four to six droppers (2-3 droppers for 5 minutes then 2-3 more for another 5 minutes) will produce a medium experience, and eight to twelve droppers (2-3 droppers again taken in 5 minute intervals) will produce a strong experience. Diluting the tincture with a little warm water is recommended, otherwise it may irritate the mouth's mucus membranes. Please note that diluting it will reduce the potency. Can be diluted to: 1 part water to 1 part Magia Verde, or 1 part water to 2 parts Magia Verde (again according to preference).

Dried Salvia leaf, or extract enhanced Salvia leaf can be smoked in conjunction with the tincture method to boost the strength of the experience. Magia Verde may also be used to enhance raw, dried Salvia leaf. Drop it onto leaf and mix well. Allow the leaves to dry out completely (the grain alcohol and water will evaporate, leaving behind the Salvia concentrate).


Mazatec Garden describes the common uses of many herbs. This is for informational purposes only, as we are not advising or prescribing herbs for any specific medical condition or for any specific use. Distribute this information freely.


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