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Resin and Herbal Incense Starter Kit

A perfect introduction to exotic world of resin and herbal incense, this sample pack Includes 1 brass incense burner (please specify brass or soapstone in the order comments section of the shopping cart), 1 roll of 10 charcoal tablets, and a selection of 10 gram resin incense samples. These are non-combustible resin and herbal incense, which means heat must be applied to release its fragrance (usually with a self-lighting charcoal tablet). To use incense, ignite a charcoal tablet and place in a heat-proof container. Grind to a fine powder and sprinkle on the glowing tablet.
Resin and Herbal Incense Sample Packs (which contain the resin incense samples and charcoal roll, but not the incense burner) are available at a reduced price.

Makes a great gift!

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Resin and Herbal Incense Sample Pack Contains the following 5 gram Incense samples:

Benzoin resin

Useful for detachment, calms and sedates the spirit with its comforting aroma. It awakens the conscious mind as well. A fine "clearing" herb.

Copal resin

Copal resin has been used ritually by Mesoamericans for centuries. Crystallized copal resin chunks are placed on burning charcoal which produces a thick, sweet smoke. Copal resin is traditionally burned in protection, cleansing and purification ceremonies. Large amounts of Copal Incense were burned on top of the Aztec and Mayan pyramids.

Dragon's blood resin incense

Traditionally burned for love, protection, exorcism, and sexual potency. The dried resin is believed to be a powerful protectant when carried, sprinkled around the house, or smoldered as incense and has been used to drive evil and negativity away when burned.

Frankincense tears

One of the famous gifts of the wise men, we off this fragrant gum resin from Ethiopia that is an important incense resin and was used in ancient times in religious rites and in embalming

Myrrh gum resin

One of the Wise Men's gifts, myrrh is a reddish brown aromatic gum resin with a bitter slightly pungent taste from Yemen. Used much like Frankincense.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo (also known as Holy Wood) is a natural wood aromatic incense used for centuries by the Incas as a spiritual remedy for purifying and cleansing and to get rid of evil spirits, misfortune and calamity. It has often been used in Ayahuasca ceremonies. It has a wonderfully calming, soothing scent, with a powerful energy. .

White sage

Also known as "Grandfather sage", used to expel evil spirits and negative vibrations from auras, home and environment.



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