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Heimia salicifolia

Heimia salicifolia (Sinicuichi, Sun-opener)

Some tribes of Indians in Mexico hold Sinicuichi to be sacred and endowed with supernatural powers and that it helps them recall vividly the events of many years earlier. It is reported that even pre-natal events are remembered. It also is said to have pain relieving and muscle relaxing effects. Available in whole herb, or 5X extract enhanced leaf (select below).

For more information on this herb, please visit the Sinicuichi Information Page.

Heimia salicifolia can not be shipped to Louisiana


Sinicuichi 5X Extract Enhanced Leaf


Sinicuichi extract enhanced leaf, 5 times more potent than Sinicuichi leaves.





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Heimia salicifolia (Sinicuichi, Sun-opener) LIVE PLANT

Heimia salicifolia, also known as sinicuichi, is native through Central America to Argentina. Heimia salicifolia is a perennial deciduous shrub which grows to approximately 3 meters. It is hardy to zone 8 and flowers through the fall. The bright yellow flowers are hermaphrodite. It cannot grow in the shade and prefers moist soil. Shipping cost is $12 (extra shipping fee added to invoice when processed).





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